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Quant is the key

With the fast growing craze for government job, nearly 20 Lacs aspirants compete for each exam. From past few years, government jobs have seen an extraordinary rise in demand due to remarkably high job security, salaries and amazing career and growth opportunities offered by Banks.
Quantitative Aptitude is one section that is considered both tough yet scoring section of any competitive government job exam. This section more often than not makes government exam a hard nut to crack. Government exams like IBPS PO or SSC CGL 2018 tend to focus more on their quant section to make it an ounce difficult as compared to other sections.
Quantitative Aptitude section consists of almost 35 questions from the topics such as Data Interpretation, Sequence and Series, Number System, Quadratic Equation, Ratio, Proportion and Percentage, and Simplification, etc.  This section is more or less same for all the government exams, including SSC CGL and IBPS PO 2018.
Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to acing Quants. Clearing the concepts and gaining knowledge is surely a huge bonus but practice is what will lead you to your goal and tatse success. Quantitative section demands most of your time and focus so as to make it an easy puzzle to solve.
To help you with your preparations, we have curated some tips that you are advised to follow for a better in quant.

Categorize the Topics

Compartmentalization and categorization of topics is a must. This helps you in analysing which topics needs the most attention and which falls under your comfort zone. Aspirants need to have a clear idea of the area that they have to work hard for and polish the ones that have their expertise. It is recommended by the experts that one needs to put an adequate amount of time and efforts on hard topics, not too much and neither too less.

Understand the Level of Difficulty

Level of difficulty for quant section is comparatively high from the other sections. Students should be thorough with exam pattern and previous year question papers to estimate the level of difficulty for this section. Once the level of difficulty is known, candidates prepare accordingly and are able to evaluate which topic from quantitative section was more difficult in previous year’s question papers.

Keep a Journal of all Formulae and Tricks

Mathematics is a hub of various formulae and shortcut tricks. Aspirants need to keep a notebook while practicing to note down all the tricks and important formulae. This will further help them to revise all the formulae and have a run through before the final show down.

Mock Tests are inevitable

Mock Tests are an inevitable part of your success journey towards cracking IBPS PO, SSC CGL or any other government exam.Testing yourself and your capabilities is one amongst many success mantras to crack the exam. Students have to be regular in taking mock tests, either online or in coaching centres. Mock Tests are exact replica of how the actual paper looks like. They also helps candidates to analyse their preparation so far and know their weak as well as strong points.

Keep Your Concepts Clearer than a Crystal

Clarity of concepts is one sure shot way of making it through the exam with a successful grin. Students need to have their concepts clear as to crack the difficult questions. One needs to focus and work hard towards clearing the concepts in order to make rest of the journey easy. If only, one has crystal clear concept, they can dive into the difficult and more technical questions of quantitative aptitude section. Thus, students need to be thorough with the syllabus to study and polish their concepts.

Start with Easy and Scoring Questions

While attempting the paper, experts advise to start with easy questions as they would yield a good score and will consume less time. After attempting the questions from your comfort zone, move to the difficult ones. Students have to allot specified time to each section and try and solve it in that time to avoid running short of overall time. Do not spend most of your time on a single question; if you are unable to solve it, skip and move on to other.

Have a Focused and Calm Mind, Meditation is the key

Focused mind enhances your concentration power and you are able to apply all of your knowledge in solving the questions of quant section.  Early morning meditation and pranayama helps in keeping you calm and stress free. Experts advise that one must keep calm while attempting this section as it will help you in concentrating towards your government job exam.

Study Math from a Trusted Source

Mathematics is compilation of various formulae and tricks, hence it is always advised to study it from someone who provides you with easy to retain tricks and formulae for attempting the quant section in any government exam. Students should research for best coaching centres and study material to enhance their knowledge and prepare well for efficient results.
There are some general mistakes that one needs to avoid while attempting Quant in any of the government exams. These include:

Not Reading Questions Completely

Make sure you read all the questions completely and understand what it is asking for before attempting it.

Avoid Risky Shortcuts

It is advised that students should use shortcuts that are tried and tested during practice. Risky shortcuts or one that may not yield an exact result might prove to be bane than boon.

No Guess Work

Guess work during these competitive exams is a big NO. Avoid guessing answers as these exams have a provision for negative marking and can result in decreasing your overall score.
Study materials is a significant partner for your preparation and the books you study from should be able to help you boost your preparation and yield good results. Some of the best books for Quant section are mentioned below

  • Quantum CAT by SarveshVemra
  • Quicker Mathematics by M. Tyra
  • Platform Series by Rukmini Publications
  • Chapter-wise Quantitative Aptitude by Kiran Publications

These tips and strategies are curated to help you in preparing for the best score in quant which will further boost your overall score. Practice is best of all instructors, hence practice as much as you can. Your dedication, conviction and hard work will be cherry on cake with the mentioned strategies.

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