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The book is a complete guide for learning to work with mathematics using the Vedic approach. Summary Of The Book Originating from an unparalleled confluence of religion and science, Vedic mathematics is a unique approach to understanding and solving mathematical problems. It has for long been used in solving both basic, as well as, advanced level arithmetic. This book introduces the readers to the complete precepts of Vedic mathematics in a simplified and easy-to-learn manner. Beginning with an introduction to its origin and brief history, the book goes on to present the sixteen founding principles of Vedic mathematics. First, It covers basic mathematical processes including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also takes up frequently used concepts of Highest Common Factor (HCF), divisibility, factorization, decimals, squares, cubes, and roots. The book goes on to explore various types of equations that form part of most mathematical calculations. It covers simple equations, quadratic equations, biquadratic equations, and simultaneous equations among others. More advanced topics like differential calculus, partial fractions, and integration by partial fractions have also been explained using the principles of Vedic Mathematics.
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