Ahmednagar District Central Cooperative BankSyllabus

Ahmednagar District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd Junior Officer Syllabus

Ahmednagar District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.


S.NoSYLLABUSNo .of questionsMarks
1Banking- General knowledge of Banking /financial sector.2323
2English – By and large the topics covered are: English Grammar, Part of speech, Spotting the error,Sentence Completion , Synonyms, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks, One word substitution, Sentence arrangement, Sentence correction, etc2222
3General knowledge – General awareness about sports and culture, current affairs, Basics of computer/IT etc. General knowledge of Economy, History, Geography, Languages, Science, Civics etc2222
4Intelligence Test-simple arithmetical problems. The problems are mainly on number system, decimal fractions, HCF/LCM, RatioProportion, Profit & Loss, Averages, Speed-Time & Work, Percentage, Simple & Compound Interest, Reasoning ability, the questions will be based on a] Series b] Analogies c] Spotting out the dissimilar d] Coding/Decoding etc2323

(Time allotted 120 minutes.)

The questions in the test may be asked on all or any of the above syllabus. The medium of question paper will be English and Marathi.

All the questions would be objective with multiple choices and having only one correct answer. Each question will be followed by answer choices which are numbered A, B, C and D. Select the most appropriate answer. Then using the black ink ball point pen blacken the circle , in the answer sheet, bearing your choice of correct answer against the serial number of the question. Please note that the circle should be dark enough and should be filled in completely.

The nature of questions is given for information in the following Samples .


1-No complaint to the Banking Ombudsman shall lie unless:-

(A)The complainant had made a representation to the bank but had not received any reply for 2 months.

(B)The complaint is not later than one year after the bank had rejected the representation.

(C)The complaint is not the same subject matter for which any proceedings before any court is pending

(D)All above are true.

2What is full form of KYC?

(A)Know Your Customer

(B)Knowledge of Your Customer

(C)Knowing Young Customer

(D)None of These

3The regulator of the District Central Coop Banks is :-

(A)Commissioner of Cooperation



(D)None of these.


4 –Given below the four alternatives. Choose the correct word / phrase which is closest in meaning to the word “BRIBE:”





5- Given below are the four alternatives. Choose the one which can be substituted forsentence:- “ Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool.”





6 –Select the word which is most appropriate for the blank space in the sentence given. My first lesson _______ forgiveness came from my father





7 –Arrange the following given sentences in a proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph.

1) Miss Kavita arrived at the Shide’s home when Sudha was seven.

2)The deaf and blind Sudha learnt to communicate verbally.

3) But eventually, Miss Kavita’s effort was rewarded.

4)Before Sudha Shide was two years old, she lost her sight and her hearing.

5)Miss Kavita worked closely with Sudha, her new student.

6)At times, the teacher became frustrated.






8Population Density means:

(A)No. of persons living per sq.km

(B)Ratio of population living below poverty line to total population

(C)No. of persons living per kilometre

(D)No. of personspervillage

9-Which among the following states is a leading industrialized state

(A)West Bengal




10A collection of related files is called ………






119999– 999-99-9 = ?





12)317 x 317 + 283 X 283 = ?




(D)None of these

13 The average of 396 + 396 +365 +408 + 384 +412 is ……..

(A) 398
(B) 399
(C) 369
(D) 389

14 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.5 / 0.05 X 0.5 =?
(A) 0.5
(B) 5
(C) 0.25
(D) 2.5

15 Rohit brought 10 Kgs of Tea Powder at the rate of Rs. 12/- per kg., and 15 kg of Tea Powder
at the rate of Rs. 15/- per kg. At what price per kg should he sale the mixture to have
profit of Rs.2/- per kg in the deal?
(A) Rs.13/-
(B) Rs.13.80
(C) Rs.15/-
(D) Rs.15.80

16 If the simple interest earned on a sum of money at the end of five years is 20% of the
principal, what is the rate of interest?
(A) 4%
(B) 6%
(C) 2%
(D) Data inadequate

17 Find out the wrong number in the series“ 7, 28, 63, 124, 215, 342, 511 “
(A) 7
(B) 28
(C) 124
(D) 215

18 What will come in place of * to complete the series?“ Aku, fpz , * , pzj, ueo, zjt “
(A) Kue
(B) Jtd
(C) Jue
(D) Kve

19 Spotting out the dissimilar:
(A) Mango
(B) Grapes
(C) Apple
(D) Brinjal

20 According to English alphabet as BC is related to YX in the same way EF is related to:

(A) UV
(B) VU
(C) WV
(D) VW

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